We develop a customized strategy based on your priorities

We identify, collect and measure relevant insights on market trends and performance concerning your product and/or service development, so that you can better master, and strategically address their potential impacts in the market.
With our research expertise, we can facilitate the smooth transformation of your business by identifying the requirements specific to your products, develop a customized strategy based on your priorities and provide the technical support you need to penetrate and excel in the global market.

Gap Analysis

We help you re-examine your initial goals, and determine whether you can, or have what it takes to move from your current state to your desired future state. We analyze “what is” to identify the gaps to fill so as to produce “what should be”!

Retail Census

This is a tool we use to orient your distribution of resources/products in markets, which your brand is targeting and also facilitate your grasp of the market trends as well as how this distribution is carried out throughout the country.

Pre-test & Post-test

Our pre-test gives you an appraisal of the motivation for, and attitude towards a product in the market. The post-test, in turn, measures the awareness and impact of this product in the market.

B2B Research

We ease your understanding of the market supply chain in order to gain competitive advantage over your competitors. This, by developing research projects to suit your business priorities/challenges and measuring a broad range of your competitors.

Competitor Profiling

Do you wish to venture in a new market or increase your share in a current one? We help by developing competitor profiles, which allow you make strategic decisions regarding their competence, expansion, product innovations, financial performance, customers and suppliers, market share, capital investments, online activities, among others.

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About Us

Open since 2007, we're the first Cameroonian firm specialized in Media Research, Business Research and, especially, Competitive Business Intelligence.

We help our clients in Cameroon and in 5 other CEMAC countries to have a sound understanding of the current global environment of their business sector.

Our areas of specialization include: Finance, Media,Telecoms.

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