We develop technological solutions to adapt with your specific profile

We identify your market and your competitors in order to enable you be on the ball with abound challenges such as: pinpointing your customers and their media usage habits, how and where to communicate, monitoring your brand image, among others. We top the chart of the competitive intelligence market thanks to three significant assets namely: a cutting-edge technological expertise, high standard operational insights and our presence in Africa, which takes us closer to each client. Our expertise applies to all types of media including: viral, paid or controlled by the enterprise. We develop technological solutions to adapt with your specific profile. Most especially, we assist you in designing the ideal strategy, which will make your business performance run like clockwork.

Commercial Intelligence

We spot, dig-out and analyze primary as well as secondary data about your various markets, products, services, associated costs, among others for better decision making.

The purpose is to permit you understand your internal/external strengths and weaknesses, your relationships with competitors, lucrative market entry opportunities, and optimal deployment of resources.

We facilitate this understanding by formulating innovative market development plans and designing efficient penetration strategies for you.

Consumer Intelligence

We identify and collect information about your consumers in terms of their preferences, motivations and buying behaviors towards the various services and products being advertised and sold in the target markets.

We help you to understand their perception regarding the safety, choice, pricing, among others, of these marketed products and services.

Product Intelligence

We provide you with relevant information about the safety, performance and quality of your products so as to permit you make strategic decisions that will enhance your brand loyalty, increase product innovation and, thus, boost your competitive advantage in the market.

Marketing Intelligence

Our mission is to foster your business growth and prosperity by providing significant information, which will enrich your understanding of the market and the competitive environment as well as the strategies of your competitors.

War games and competitive simulations

Intelligence is most valuable when it is predictive and helps you anticipate competitive moves before your rivals make them.

Our war gaming methodology helps you develop a more forward-looking view of the competitive landscape, mitigate risk and seize emerging opportunities, thus, isa powerful tool to enhance your decision making.

Our competitive simulations allow our clients to structure business strategies that are realistic, robust, and quicker to execute.

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About Us

Open since 2007, we're the first Cameroonian firm specialized in Media Research, Business Research and, especially, Competitive Business Intelligence.

We help our clients in Cameroon and in 5 other CEMAC countries to have a sound understanding of the current global environment of their business sector.

Our areas of specialization include: Finance, Media,Telecoms.

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