We have an in-depth knowledge of campaigns

We analyse the brand image, the top of mind, enterprise related views, its management and its products. We have an in-depth knowledge of campaigns using every media and a display of its broadcasting budget. We get acquainted with the different investment ratios in a media family or medium and compare them with the trends of your market or one of its players.

Advertising and Media Intelligence

Our interest is to enhance the fruition of your communication goals. Specifically, we provide real time insights on the leading media, top channel, and programme or publication data performance. This intelligence enables you compare media, create, save, amend and adopt lists of the most suitable solutions for your strategy; and even identify and track advertising trends.

Adversiting Intelligence

Our principal goal is to make you a reckoning force in the rapidly evolving advertising market. We present you with a holistic and global view of the advertising landscape by analyzing, forecasting, and drafting reports on the real-time-dynamic trends of the market. This in-depth perspective enables you to make critical decisions, and ensure as well as sustain your success in today’s emerging advertising industry.

Broadcast Intelligence

We use our state-of-the-art tools and sources to keep you abreast with programme performance, viewing trends, online headlines, and ratings of the best channels. We track and access the in-depth information you need to spot the next big opportunity to create the next big thing.

Linking Media Output to Outcome

Media Intelligence allows you to measure your performance and optimize new opportunities by providing strategic analysis between your deliverables (outputs); in accordance with agreed-on specifications and your desired business results (outcomes); within the set-project-completion period.

Media Clipping and Monitoring

Do you wish to measure your output success, impacts of your brand, strategies of your competitors or industry trends? We track this information across broadcast, print and online sources to you; using media types such as: newspapers, magazines, industry publications, television, radio, websites, and blogs.

Campaign Effectiveness

We enrich your grasp of each Ad campaign on a profound level – strengths and weaknesses – so that you can optimize your Ad campaigns and obtain your desired goals. Our solutions monitor media types such as: television, radio, newspapers, newsletters, social sites and blogs to inform you about audience’s relationship with your advertising – who it’s reaching, how it’s resonating, and consumer’s reaction.

Internal Communication Measurement

Our goal is to enhance the internal communication circulation and effectiveness of your organization. In this purview, our solutions measure aspects such as: information flow, work expectations, feedback on performance, support for tough jobs, suggestion of new ideas and initiatives, among others.

Stakeholder Management

Our solutions are aimed at enabling you succeed in your project. This, by engaging the right stakeholders in the right way. Specifically, we support you in areas such as: setting project goals and objectives, determining quality and composing deliverables, and managing communication with your stakeholders.

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Open since 2007, we're the first Cameroonian firm specialized in Media Research, Business Research and, especially, Competitive Business Intelligence.

We help our clients in Cameroon and in 5 other CEMAC countries to have a sound understanding of the current global environment of their business sector.

Our areas of specialization include: Finance, Media,Telecoms.

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