The Impact of Non-Exclusivity on Mobile Money Operators in Cameroon

Western Union has partnered with Viber, a VoIP and cell phone message application, to allow Western Union clients, starting with those living in USA, to use the Viber App on their cell phones and instantly send up to USD 499 to their loved ones at all WU agencies. This mobile money innovation with Viber is the first outcome of the latest WU’s platform, WU ConnectSM, developed for money transfer into third-party digital devices.

The partnership shall bring disruption in the market, especially in the mobile money sector, because Viber’s 664 million users in the world shall complete instant mobile remittances at the more than 500 000 WU agencies in more than 200 countries and territories.

In addition, the partnership shall equally cause other international remittance operators namely Small World, MoneyGram, Money Express, etc. to device new strategies as well as develop new partnerships to provide innovative digital-remittance-solutions, for example, with popularly used Apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, etc. to boost their competitiveness. 




Mobile Money


Orange Group Launches Free Download of Orange Money App on Google Play

Orange Group has brought its mobile money services closer to its customers by launching the Orange Money App on Google Play for free download.

This allows Cameroonians to transfer money to their loved ones easily, safely, faster and conveniently using their cell phones. Moreover, Orange Money customers can also instantly check their account balance, history and other inquires using this App.

This App launch on Google Play is a smart move taken by Orange to maintain its leadership in the Cameroon mobile money segment as well as brave tough competitors such as Express Union who also launched Express Union Mobile on Google Play last 2015.

This dire quest to develop the cashless culture in Cameroon and conquer the mobile – mobile remittance service leaves one to wonder what the next strategic move shall be. 




Ghana: Skill Partners with MTN Ghana for Cross-Border Remittance

Skill,one of the world’s leading online payment systems and MTN have partnered to foster international money transfer in Ghana. This is to provide quick, safe and cheap international money transfer direct into mobile wallets in Ghana.

This instant and affordable remittance solution, shall enhance the digital money transfer service which is gaining high grounds operational in Africa since MTN Mobile Money is used in 15 African countries.

This partnership is in line with WorldRemit’s desire to lead the mobile money sector in Africa following its recent deal signed with MTN, which allows WorldRemit customers to instantly send international remittances to MTN Mobile Money customers in Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.



Zimbabwe: EcoCash Partners with Chitoro to Foster Diaspora Remittance

Econet’s mobile money transfer business, EcoCash and the international money transfer agency, Chitoro are putting in place measures to continue encouraging Diaspora to send money home. In 2015, remittances from the Diaspora were $935 million and they raised $935 million.

This partnership provides a low cost, secure and convenient way to send money directly to any one of more than 25 000 EcoCash agents in Zimbabwe as well as to Steward Bank and CABS. These funds can be used to pay for services, buy goods from over 18 000 merchants in Zimbabwe.

According to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Mboweni, the partnership plays a significant roletowards the government’s drive to improve Diaspora remittances into the country. He thus, invited valued clients in the UK to take advantage of the service when sending money to their loved ones back in Zimbabwe.


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