Express Union Tigthens Market Position via Its Periodic Counter!!

Last 3 & 4 February 2016, Express Union conducted an on-site payment exercise using its periodic counter in one of the offices of the Bankim Sub-Divisional Administrative building to enable ENEO pay compensation fees to the victims of the Mape Dam construction project in the Adamawa Region.

Through this periodic counter, Express Union has strengthened its leading market position while maintaining its public-private partnerships.

It is also a strategic asset used by the top remitter to win the trust and loyalty of more customers given that the victims and the supervising officials of the compensation exercise were satisfied with the quality of the payment service.

This service is likely to disrupt the market given that Express Union’s competitors including Express Exchange and Emi Money shall be pushed to develop strategies to provide such short-term payment services to boost their competitiveness. 



Mobile Money


Ghana: GUTA Calls for Ban on Mobile Remittance Taxes

George Ofori, President of the Ghana Union of Traders (GUTA), has asked government to remove the new tax imposed on mobile money transfer because the telecom companies pay taxes on both registration fees, as well as the commission they take from their clients aside the talk tax that the government takes.

According to him, the tax is very unfair given that it compels both the sender and the receiver of the money to pay a fee before benefiting of the service. George Ofori thinks it does not augur well for the citizenry and so blames Members of Parliament (MP) for passing bills without due consultation with stakeholders.

Such transfer tax is likely to increase the pressure on citizens who are already overburdened with numerous taxes and consequently, slowdown economic growth, financial inclusion rates and increase the rate of unbanked population.



Kenya: Western Union Says Mobile Remittances in Africa Is Jumping to a New Level

Speaking in an interview in Cape Town last Wednesday, Richard Malcolm, Western Union’s Vice President for Southern and East Africa, said the mobile phone-based money-transfer service namely M-PESA in Kenya is expanding its own ecosystem and improving in a direction that meets the needs of the customer.

According to Safaricom Ltd. 88% of its customers now use M-PESA meanwhile Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd., the nation’s second-biggest lender, is looking to attract 15 million customers who do transactions on their mobile phones.

In light of these achievements, Malcolm says the mobile remittance service is slowly gaining attraction and empowering majority of the population across Africa. It thus brings about financial inclusion which is critical for the continent’s economic development.



Djibouti: eServGlobal Launches e-Payment Services including Mobile Money

ServGlobal has partnered with Djibouti Telecom to power a comprehensive mobile money platform to provide state-of-the-art cash management and e-payment services on mobile phones including: cash-in/cash-out, airtime top-up, local transfers, international remittance, salary disbursement, bill and merchant payments to citizens of Djibouti.

According to Djibouti Telecom, the partnership will contribute to the financial inclusion of the citizens of Djibouti and also bring significant added value to the social development of the country.

As the subscriber base increases, the platform will enable Djibouti Telecom to optimize and grow the service by deploying new features to integrate the mobile money solution with retailers (mainly supermarkets) and banks, establish ATM/Kiosks in strategic areas and introduce companion cards to complement the mobile wallets, in order to contribute to the development of affordable e-payment services in Djibouti.



Kenya: Barclays Bank Kenya Launches a Mobile Payment Solution

Kenya’s Barclays Bank has launched a mobile payment platform called Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) that allows consumers to make payments through their VISA, MasterCard and AMEX cards. MPOS also allow consumers to integrate their card payments with smart phone applications creating ‘mobile wallets’ which provide fast and instant payment methods.

Drawing from Jeremy Awori, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Kenya, MPOS will enable businesses that previously operated on a cash only basis to increase their sales and expand their customer base by enhancing their payment solutions. In this purview, Barclays Bank has partnered with Pewin taxi cab to roll out the solution on a pilot project and is in the process of extending similar partnerships to other firms.


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